GAINSCO Auto Insurance Review

Established in 1978, GAINSCO have been providing insurance for over 30 years to thousands of customers across the US. Their headquarters are in Dallas, Texas with regional offices in Miami, Florida. They are part of MGA Insurance Company, marketed as GAINSCO Auto Insurance.


Once you’ve purchased a GAINSCO policy through us, you can drop by any of their local offices to meet an agent. They can help answer any questions about your coverage or file a claim

They specialize in minimum limits insurance, so that you can get basic coverage with superior service. If you’ve been denied coverage elsewhere, GAINSCO may be able to help. They offer special coverage options for those with a checkered record, without the inflated price tag. Since they specialize in minimum-limits, they deliver a superior product with unmatched customer service at an affordable price to customers looking for value.


GAINSCO also know that in today’s busy world, you may not have time to go to their office and pay for your month’s coverage. That’s why they’ve created online bill pay, where you can sign in and make a payment whenever it’s convenient for you. If you’d rather talk to someone, call their helpline or send a check in the mail. If you don’t trust yourself to remember your due date, set up auto pay and never miss a bill again.


GAINSCO’s passion for cars and driving has led them to sponsor the Bob Stallings racing team, who have won the Grand-AM Rolex Sports Car Series twice.

GAINSCO Discounts

  • Proof of Prior: If you can prove that you currently have an active car insurance policy, GAINSCO will reward you with lower premiums
  • Auto Pay: Sign up for automatic withdrawals to pay your insurance premium and save

GAINSCO Customer Reviews

“I’ve never been excited about car insurance until today! Even though my driving record is bad, I only pay $60 a month and just $80 dollars down to get it started . . . By far the best deal I’ve ever gotten on insurance. THANK YOU!”


“Provided excellent cost-effective service with a significant measure of wonderful customer service. Highly recommend.”


“Representative was friendly and thorough with getting me insured. Recommend this insurance agency.”


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